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Smart Patient Information System for cross-hospital data sharing and Heart disease prediction.

dyasem profile image David ・1 min read

My Final Project

Going though university for 4 years is no joke! Especially if you're a CS student. However I didn't let that prevent me from reaching my goals. One of my goals was to finish university with a good project that I'd be proud of. And considering that I'm a huge fun of machine learning, I convinced my parter that we should build something with machine learning. We decide to tackle a serious problem in Ghana : inconsistency in patients' medical records across hospitals. We set out to build a platform that will enable various hospitals in Ghana to securely share patient data. We also wanted to develop a machine learning model that predict chronic diseases such as heart disease.

The Project

The system consists of a module for hospitals to securly transmit patient information to prevent inconsistencies in data. The system also has a machine learning component that predicts heart disease of the patients' data.
The project is quite big so it's still in development.

How I built it:

  1. React JS for web app frontend
  2. Firebase for backend and authentication
  3. Python and Tensorflow for Machine learning model

I ran into a lot of issues especially with the machine learning model. However, stackoverflow saved me a lot of the times!

Link to Code

This article will be updated with the link to the github repo.

Additional Thoughts / Feelings / Stories

This was one challenging project I loved buiding!

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