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re: Hey man, This is going to be long but I hope it helps. As someone who had a lot of non-tech-related work experience prior to graduating and getti...

I am.....more than fine with removing non-relevant jobs. The only reason I had them on there is because I'm told that breaking up time is bad, but I'm totally ok with losing them if it makes my resume look more focused. This is extremely useful feedback, and very much appreciated!


No problem man. In my experience, employers generally don't really seem to care about an entry-level candidate's previous work experience, but they might care about the gap. Your concern with gaps could be addressed by something incredibly minimal, like the following:

Work History

Barista - Company Name - 2019 - Present (Don't even include months)

Film Librarian - Company Name - 2015-2019

Just throw that section at the bottom and don't make it the focus. I wouldn't waste any space describing the positions. Personally, I'd have about 75% of your main resume dedicated to describing your projects in detail and I guarantee you will have a much better response rate.

As long as your conveying this is the resume of a very busy entry-level developer who is constantly learning, you'll be just fine.

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