re: What's your advice to someone over the age of 30 considering a career in software development? VIEW POST


I fit this profile: started learning in my late 30's, never really cared about professional development before, but it soon became clear that development was IT for me. Adding to what others here have said:

-Do some exploration and be sure that this is what you want to do, because it takes some work. I like to play a game with Medium articles with headlines like "I got fired from my job, learned to code, and got a job in 9 months." where I look for the extenuating circumstance (family supported them financially, segueing from other high-paying career, etc) because most of us have to support ourselves and/or our family. The process can be draining and difficult to the point where I'm sure I would have quit if I could imagine myself doing anything else, ever, so be ready for that.


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