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This is a great list! Could you dig into what you mean when you say "optimize the entire site for SEO in a clean way"? Would that just be by using plugins like gatsby-plugin-react-helmet, or is are there other major considerations for that?


Yeah for sure!

So, yes, using that plugin is a part of it. With respect to cleanly optimizing the site for SEO, we have to consider:

  • what are the different types of static pages that we have?: blog-post, normal, landing-page
  • what are the dynamically generated pages that we have?: user-profile, events, job-postings, etc

Because we want all of those different PageTypes to be SEO-optimized, we gotta do a little bit of design work to figure out how to cleanly address that problem.

Perhaps if every Gatsby page or template that were wrapped in a <Layout/> component, we might be able to provide some props to the <Layout/> and do all the SEO-setup in one place (Layout).

Also, if we were to setup JSON-LD, that would probably be different for each PageType (blog post JSON-LD vs. breadcrumb JSON-LD).

So there's a lot of things to consider about how to cleanly structure your SEO.

I wrote an article about this a while back, but it's a bit outdated now. Here's how I'm currently doing it on my blog.

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