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Discussion on: Vue or React?

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Yohan D.

I think for a beginner, React is more affordable. Without Hooks by the way...

I mean, what you do with Vuejs, like v-if and all the v-things... are also possible on React... with props no ? If not, I misunderstood something then.

I tried both and in my humble opinion, React is easier to use and learn than Vuejs.

Plus, the use of all the v-things it's like JQuery for me... Especially when you know that Vuejs is everything " Evan You " loves from AngularJS in more lighter...

Some pep say that React is the new JQuery....

Seriously ?!

I think nothing can stop JQuery to be the most gluttony framework... Here is a joking site =>

React, Vue, jQuery .... they all come from => Pure Javascript.

So my question is now :

People who don't learn pure Javascript can learn VueJs or ReactJs ?


Learn ReactJs, VueJs, JQuery or learn pure Javascript ? 🤷

Thank you for this post !