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Discussion on: Switch to Linux?

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Avichay Eyal

Choosing an OS is an opinionated thing. I know some developers who would go to war over that debate.

In my own experience, working on OSX, Windows, Ubuntu (and obviously terminal-based remote Linux machines - centos/ubuntu/etc), I find OSX very comfortable.

Recently I started working on a project running in a native window app, and virtualizing windows in my mac was slow as hell. So I took a (very) nice windows laptop and surprisingly found out that WSL2 feels native.

Combined with a decent terminal (The new Windows Terminal is minimal and nice), I do the actual work on the subsystem. Everything is there: the source code, the command-line tools, all Linux based.

Only the native app (and it's build tools) are windows executables, and I really do not feel I miss anything.

The ease of terminal and *nix workflow I had on MacOS is now available on windows, and nearly every *nix binary available I can use in the WSL.

I might even consider keeping this state for a longer time than expected.