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re: Even if you use React, you're still using JS, HTML, and CSS. What you're getting with React is a library that lets you create custom components. U...

Hi, you are right.
and i wish to add one important thing that people ignore :
React, backbone,angular and so on ... are just "Layers" on javascript.

My advice to every one : learn javascript;
no lib or layer will do you any magic...

angular was made as an extention to JAVA GWT, it was meant to help JAVA developers to work with gwt, which for now is quite dead :(



Exactly - frontends have too much magic and are heavy. Stick on WebAssembly (blazor, SignalR, gRPG), CSS (flex boxes), Javascript. If you need, feel free to scarvage other frameworks (e.g. Formantic, Bootstrap, w3.css) and bring the code to you. You want to (really code and control) or (you want to just apply recipes / procedures and be stuck in a framework) ? Saying that, I use scss, jquery lol. Bottom line, I suggest you get proficient in css, html5, javascript, jquery and then you do what you want, but saving time is not always true in the end. web frameworks have their own bugs (plenty). Saying that, I like asp.net core a lot lol.

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