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re: How do you manage your browser bookmarks? VIEW POST


The bulk of my bookmarks are in Pinboard with appropriate tags. Frequent bookmarks and stuff I want easy reference to in the bookmark toolbar, and a few other folders and stuff that have kind of grown organically.

There's an extension for Chrome that I use occasionally to sync (one-way) to a folder in the browser's bookmarks. Allocated into sub-folders by tag. (I really wish there was something similar for Firefox!!!)

I use xBrowserSync to keep bookmarks synchronised between my Firefox and Chrome browsers. (I really miss Xmarks.)


I remember using Xmarks too, it was a convenient service. Though it didn't solve all the problems, as well as today's tools.


What are today's tools?

I use the aforementioned xBrowserSync, and keep an eye on Floccus but neither are as good as Xmarks was IMO.

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