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Wonderful article & very encouraging! I've always loved writing, but I chicken out of blogging, because I fear no one will read my work. And, once I get over 'no-one-cares' hill, then I tumble down into the valley of 'oh-no-now-I-have-to-reliably-write-articles-on-schedule-and-I-don't-have-time'. (That's definitely on google maps...)

So, thanks for the reminder that neither the hill nor valley are worth the panic & are well worth traversing. :)


I still get bits of panic over similar worries too, believe it or not. Mostly it's checking into dev.to about a post I felt good about with some worries about if it's already been lost amid other noise. It doesn't happen often but it still pops up sometimes, and there's no shame in that as long as it doesn't come to define the joy I get from writing in the end.

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