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Discussion on: Just A Developer

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Emily Curtin

I see your point about not getting pigeon-holed into specific technologies, but you do have to define your area of expertise at least a little because computing is getting to be vast.

Saying I'm a software engineer, with no further specification, is a little like saying I'm a "scientist" or an "artist." Well if I'm a scientist, am I a biologist? Physicist? Chemist? Medical researcher? Yeah they're all science, but you don't want a biologist running your large hadron collider. Similarly, if you're an artist, are you a painter? Sculptor? Filmmaker? Pianist? Tap dancer? Painters make crappy tap dancers, you know.

So I dispute that you're "just a developer" because I dispute that there is such a thing; that there's one person who's just as comfortable hacking the Linux kernel as they are programming embedded devices in industrial robots or designing ADA compliant interfaces for voting machines or implementing a machine learning algorithm straight out of a paper written half in Greek symbols.

It seems like from the few techs you've listed that, in fact, you're not "just a developer," you're instead "just a web developer," and I wouldn't hire you to debug my FORTRAN or administrate my HIPAA compliant database or crank performance out of my VR ray tracing engine, etc. etc. etc.