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I've used go for about a month now. I still missing out many of the stuff because its a mind fuck language in the good way. Because it its not C based. and does a few things strange. but once you get to know it it becomes simple to work. and the good thing for me is that there is only a single way of doing things. this actually helps in terms of, the wheel being created many times as happens with python. I've used python for over 7 years now. and I must say Go is a good way to go. I just don't like a few things that python has in favor here is my cons.

  • Lacks of remote libraries versions (Guess you can solve that with git branches)
  • It's kind of hard set it to work, since you have to create env variables
  • makes it difficult to separate code into many .go files amount the whole project
  • Little documentation.
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