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Discussion on: Which piece of code are you most proud of?

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Edwin Mak

Hey there!

I honestly think we people in software are often too hard on ourselves (including myself of course ;)). And it is good to bring to light some things we are proud about! So thank you for bringing up this discussion :).

Here is mine:

I wrote an algorithm for my first job/professional experience that managed the logistics for a fleet of food delivery people that was shared across several restaurants in New York City. This algorithm would try to pick the best delivery person based on geo-location & also told them which food packages they should pick up / deliver and in which order.

I loved this project because it really really sucked at times and I got a chance to make it better. The iterative process is something I found so beautiful and enjoyable. There were moments that we royally messed up and we learned from that.

In a way this code is really a representation of growing and learning. This is why I loved this and programming in general :)