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Discussion on: Improving the way DEV elevates the good stuff

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Not sure if it helps, but my thoughts:

I come here only via the email. It lists 6 topics and I scan the titles and use my intuition to click something. My fear is that "find valuable based on your interests" will lock me into a bubble with only one type of article. An alternative would be 'most liked' or 'most viewed', but that would equally create a certain bubble because all of the mechanisms reinforce themselves.

This is a tricky subject. I like the fact that it is boiled down to only a handful of suggestions (6 is a great number). And my main intent of these emails is to get a bit of a feel of what is happening in the community.

To escape the self-reinforcing bubble would be to have 2 out of 6 be 'random'. Where 'random' means 'distributed among all active readers', this ensures that all articles get equal attention at launch.