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re: Follow-up question: how to stay interested in your side project before jumping to a new one? 😅

Totally agree on Rik's points. Sharing the fact that you're working it motivates you by the interaction you'll get. It also gives you a sense of commitment since, well, you can't let them down can you? ;)

Choose if you're in it to LEARN something, or to SHIP something that might be viable (aka: gives value to others and might bring you revenue).

If you're in it for the shipping option, choose the tech that you KNOW and are comfortable with.
Focus on the shipping part by realizing that:

Shipping > building features

By choosing tech that you know + solving a problem that you're familiar with + keeping it small you'll keep the friction as small as possible. Building the MVP's features will go smoother and that will help to keep you motivated as well.

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