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Of course Macs are overpriced... I didn't know that was a discussion point. But you still get what you pay for, a really high quality product that works incredibly smooth and seamless with its OS and has some of the finest software you can find.

Just try out Sketch or Affinity software for a while, and then think you have to go back to Adobe's UI nightmare on windows. The thought is just too much....

I agree that the Touch Bar is a disaster. I don't want to look at the keyboard to see what a button is doing. Windows has proven that touch screens on a laptop can work. I guess Apple just doesn't want to go in that direction because it would immediately cut into iPad sales (especially iPad Pro).

But no, using windows is still a UI nightmare. It feels like they just randomly litter the screen with all kinds of buttons, shortcuts, applications and who knows what. And once you are inside an app or open a settings screen, you're transported right back into windows 98. The UI for printing, or adjusting monitor settings is laughably bad, I can't imagine why there isn't a law against bad windows UI by now.

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