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Discussion on: What Was The First Problem You Solved That Made You Feel Like A “Real Programmer”?

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Ronni Egeriis Persson

Throwback to when I was 14 years old, year was 1999, and I had a great time building websites and meeting likeminded people in online communities. '99 was the year I first got involved in the start-up of a hosting company.

Said company evolved slowly, but in 2002 we had a full suite of hosting offering. Back then, web hosting was all the craze, but we realized that Counter-Strike server hosting could be a huge opportunity for us.

We would be one of the first in the world to launch such product, and was definitely the first in Denmark to offer CS server hosting. I was in charge of building that product. So everything from the ecommerce to admin panels was on my task list.

What was really interesting—and it was one of the first magic moments for me, making me feel like a "Real Programmer"—was the entire system we build out to support near-instantaneous booting of CS servers. Our customer would set up and configure their CS server in our web interface, a cron job would listen for "orders" or configuration changes and a Perl app would boot up and properly configure their CS server instance.

Just like magic. Or so it felt 😁