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re: Yes, I had issues with bools as well, I didn't cover it in the article because it's weird. What I ended up doing was setting them up in c# as a byt...

Thanks, it worked. Had the solution of sending and revising a u8. But whit the byte at least i don't have to change anything on the rust side.

Some suggested to use types from libc like c_bool, but i need to get abit better at rust. Have just started out. I'll let you know if i find a good solution

I've been doing rust FFI at work for a few more months since I wrote this post. There's some things that I'll probably need to go back and update when I get the time. c_bool is a possible solution, there's also some shorthand in c# that may end up working, but I'll make sure to let you know if/when I get it working!

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