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Discussion on: Improving the way DEV elevates the good stuff

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Maybe DEV should facilitate different formats of content that can be posted on here. A lot of stuff in my feed does not feel like a blog/article, but more like a discussion thread (e.g. "what did you achieve this week?", "I need help with x", "watercooler" stuff) or something else. One of the biggest problems is that I don't know what to expect by reading just the title and tags. I think having only tags isn't enough to improve the signal-to-noise ratio.

What if you are required to choose the type of content you are posting? I can think of the following categories:

  • Articles (default)
  • News: dedicated links to release notes/github release page.
  • Tutorial: support multiple steps/parts, readers can ask questions per step.
  • Showcase: dedicated field for Codepen/Codesandbox and make it really shine at the top of the article.
  • Polls: ask the community how they feel about a certain topic.
  • Videos: oh, that's already there :D
  • Q&A: but maybe there's StackOverflow for that
  • "100 days of code": encourage the writer to write about what he learned, like keeping a diary.

I could probably go on for days and a lot of stuff is already there in the right column of the homepage, but my point is that by adding features for specific use cases, it might become easier for people to find the stuff that they enjoy, because they will know where to look. You could add these categories to the left column or mark posts with a category icon.

I'm not sure if this is going to make the whole platform too complex, I also enjoy the simplicity writing a post the way it is right now.

Curated lists of articles (put together by real human beings) might also help finding quality content. I always enjoy reading these "newsletter" type of aggregators (javascript weekly,, etc).

Btw, I never really read the right column because they look like ads to me.. 🙈