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Cool that you created this to advance your learning. A lot of developers that are new to a language will build their own framework, or something else. I like that you tackled an equally necessary tool, a database. I’m sure you learned a lot!

I think, however, you should add a disclaimer to your Github repository cautioning users against using this in production. Even for the most basic application, MySQL is really NOT too big. There are practically millions (or more) tiny applications relying on a tiny MySQL database. It’s perfectly reasonable.

I would also urge you to use your experiences to quickly bring yourself up to speed with MySQL, PDO, and maybe even an ORM like Doctrine. Knowing these tools well will give you a good foundation in technologies that are actually in use around the world by many different developers.

As I said before, be proud of what you did, but remember that “rolling your own” in many cases is not actually a good idea for production applications. You want tools that have been vetted by the community, unit tested, and have, in large part, many serious bugs worked out already. Most business objectives represented in code distill down to the same set of problems most every time. Mastering CRUD, and REST, and some other standards will increase your confidence and ability to tackle anything.

Finally, I’ve probably made a lot of assumptions here about what you’re trying to achieve in your own career. I hope I didn’t offend or seem dismissive about your work. I encourage you to keep playing around and learning. That’s what makes us grow as developers. Best of luck!


Thanks for taking the time to reply to my post and thanks for the encouraging words!

To clarify, I am familiar with MySQL, MS SQL, SQLite, NoDB and of course PDO.

You made a good point, adding a disclaimer. I should also add a disclaimer that this solution was never used in production in the classical sense.

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