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Discussion on: What's your worst estimate story?

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Elarcis • Edited

Had to rewrite an app to make it more configurable.

“Sure, the code is already well compartimented, it’ll be easy: 2 weeks and it’s done!”

Took us more than 6 months to have everything done and deliverable, the causes for that were:

  • The time you’ll take to write everything is negligible compared to the time you should be spending on designing, testing, foreseeing complications and issues;
  • Just because the code base is there but needs to be written differently, don’t assume that most of the work is already done.
  • Complexity and development time rise exponentially the closer you get to a perfectly architectured design. Sometimes it’s better to not go for the cleanest SOLIDest, DRYest design and shave off a significant amount of time at the cost of one mostly unused feature.

On the other hand, rewriting that code really opened the project to many opportunities and tremendously eased its maintaining, so I’m glad we did it in the end.