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Been using JS for... 17 years or so... and I still struggle with the different ways other developers find ways of doing stuff. I'm talking from formatting (2/4 spaces, double/single quotes) to OOP/FP/ES6 or weird patterns like jQuery plugins or JSX files.

Other languages (C/C++/Java/C#/Python/Go) seem to be teach on a more standard form and it's easier to read code written from a guy on the other side of the world from 10 years ago. You can't even find two JS code bases with the same formatting for documentation.

JavaScript developers really really need to get their shit together and follow some sort of standard. PEP, javadoc and go-fmt are great tools to look into.


Have you had a look at prettier? Sounds like you might like it. Its a tool that takes care of all the formatting for you, all prettier code looks exactly the same. Their goal is to make formatting discussions a thing of the past:

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