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Eleftheria Batsou
Eleftheria Batsou

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600 People Have Answered: Coding is hard but ______ is harder.

A few days ago I asked on Twitter what is harder than coding. My answer would be poverty, raising children (although I'm not a parent), communication, etc.

"Coding is hard but ____________ is harder"

Fill the blank#DEVCommunity #CodeNewbies

β€” Eleftheria Batsou (@BatsouElef) April 20, 2021

Let's see how other people felt.

Life - coding is hard but...


  • Poverty / Being broke is harder.
  • Raising kids/ Raising teenagers / The parenthood.
  • Giving birth is harder.
  • Adulting.
  • Human interaction.
  • Dealing with idiots online / Dealing with people / Dealing with clients.
  • Trusting people.
  • Building an actual product is harder.
  • The amount of things you need to learn to become good enough to get a job.
  • Finding a job is / Landing a job (<- I got many answers like this).
  • Giving up.
  • Bricklaying is one of those jobs that looks so easy but is actually very difficult.
  • Life is harder.

Work- coding is hard but...


  • Problem-solving is harder
  • Coding is hard but scrum daily is harder.
  • Deployment / Documenting / Designing / Testing (<- I got many answers for these).
  • Algorithms/maths.
  • Explaining something that sounds super obvious and simple to you as an experienced dev, to a newbie who's just starting out in the field.
  • Reading others’ codes.
  • Finding error when code compiles successfully.
  • Thinking about how my portfolio design will be is harder.
  • Getting really damn good in it is harder / Quality coding is harder.
  • Clean Coding.
  • Resolving merge conflicts.
  • Refactoring (<- I got many answers like this).
  • Not coding (<- I got many answers like this).
  • Debugging / Debugging other's code (<- I got many answers like this).

Fun - coding is hard but...


  • Finding a girl who is good at programming, sarcasm and watches anime!!
  • Finding a partner / Dating.
  • Convincing people that you cannot hack into their ex's account- is harder (<- ok, that made me laugh!).
  • Watching your crush's boyfriend code.
  • Coding is hard but filling the blank is harder...
  • Trying to talk to literally anyone in my fam about coding.
  • Maintaining social life while coding as a profession is harder ( <- well, I'm not sure if this is actually fun or not!)
  • Naming methods / variables.
  • Not getting coding-related jokes is harder.
  • Learning Russian.
  • Trying to sleep without solving the problem.
  • Painting every room in your house.
  • Watching Sebastian Vettel on a podium in 2021.

I'm afraid I couldn't include all the answers as more than 600 people answered me (thank you), but I tried to include the most common answers. Feel free to check the rest of them on Twitter. Thank you everyone for participating :).

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Discussion (4)

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Rinzler • Edited on

Here's my answer on that tweet:

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Arga Hutagalung

I remember a saying like this, "if you think what you did is easy, show to people how it's done". Writing docs will prove you a point if it's actually easy or not.

jonrandy profile image
Jon Randy

But it isn't hard

eleftheriabatsou profile image
Eleftheria Batsou Author

Well, many people find it hard...
For example swimming, some people think it's easy some people not!