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Discussion on: Linux VS Windows 10 - An Honest Comparison

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Giacomo "Mr. Wolf" Furlan

Bloatware is installed by the vendors, not by Microsoft. Win10 is actually a light, even though not the lightest, and simple OS for most of the users. Who denies this evidence is most probably a fanboy.

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Loralighte Author

I deny this "evidence" as... well one: bloatware is very vague, two: includes adware and spyware (which is on **all* Windows 10 installs, and is unable to be removed)*, three: Windows 10 is not light.... by any means. It is about as slow as Ubuntu proper at its worst, which isn't a good sign watch this for info, four: define "simple", because while in several areas Windows 10 is as simple, if not more simple than Linux, I will give you that one. But Linux is.... well... in many more areas than Windows 10... much more simple. Installing the system, customizing the desktop (to oblivion, not just color/wallpaper changes), installing software, uninstalling software, opening software, the CLI, changing system defaults, fixing the system if something breaks, updating the system (Linux doesn't force updates), changing graphical environments, running virtual machines, searching for files, doing anything that requires a single line of code, office (even tho MS office is not on Linux), compression, file management, file security, system encryption.... and that's basically the surface of what I know.