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Discussion on: The day our web server reached 100% capacity šŸ’¾

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Giacomo "Mr. Wolf" Furlan

In my experience every company puts business in front of everything - and most of them put marketing in front of business ("the real heroes"). Just because I worked a long time for startups, old companies and lately consulting ones (i.e. more or less short projects), I can tell you you have more power than you might think, when you adopt standards that are simply different than monolithic approaches, without meaning more work (once you get practiced with them). It's years now that I work with autoscaling solutions, microservices or simply containerised services on a single machine, because in my opinion simple services allow you for great flexibility and replaceability over great control. Which apparently was what you lacked in this occasion :)

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Doaa Mahely Author

I appreciate you sharing your experience.

Iā€™m skeptical about any power I have at the moment, but I will try to be a better advocate for better and more modern tech. I have much to learn!