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re: Opening a discussion: Amber and Crystal immediately reminded me of Phoenix and Elixir ... Crystal, Elixir = Ruby-like, with better performance a...

@leob is a little too early to compare Amber to Phoenix.

Both Phoenix and Amber are web frameworks, and when it comes to compare them you really have to compre the languages. Amber for those coming from a Rails background would probably be much easier to work with since Amber feels very Rails like. While Phoenix unless you know and understand Functional programming there is a learning curve. Phoenix has a great and mature community and new concepts, Amber is still getting there. Amber also has new concepts that you need to learn, Crystal because of its type inference makes you think different when writing code and this is something that Amber inherits from the language.

Another interesting aspect is one fundamental difference between Crystal and Elixir the two language have different programming paradigm OOP and Funtional and this difference, besides language specific features, is a detail to carefully consider when choosing Phoenix over Amber or viceversa for a particular project.

You should definitely give Amber a try, the community is welcoming and very friendly.

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