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Discussion on: Cheap Recommended Laptops for Coding

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Elijah Trillionz Author

AMD laptops are prone to having graphics issues. It will get to a time where the laptop will completely show black when booting the device.

Usually, the solution is to heat the Integrated Circuit and it will restore and work fine. But that doesn't fix the problem permanently, it will only take a while before it comes again and then you heat the circuit again.

We have discovered that the more you heat the circuit, the lesser the period of functionality i.e you could heat it for the first time, then after a month or two, you heat it again then it reduces to weeks.

There was one time I was heating this circuit like every two hours, it's a big recurring problem when it starts. So that's why I don't recommend repairing it if that issue arises. I honestly don't know how long it takes a new AMD processor to start misbehaving.

I am only familiar with laptops, but I believe the case is the same for desktops. Because it is about the processor (IC) not the size of the motherboard

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Heat is crucial, I run a monitor and run 4 micro fans on my laptop stand.