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Discussion on: Let's discuss: What are your biggest difficulties with Git?

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I usually use git command line. I sometimes use Atlassian Sourcetree, or gitk.

For a git GUI, I was really enjoying Git Horizon (former-and-still-sort-of called Cycligent Git Tool), but it seems to have stalled out on a development a couple years ago... stuck on 0.5.2. Which makes me sad, because it's UI layout and visual metaphors clicked for me.

Some of the popular git GUIs just can't handle my project, because it's about a half-a-million files.

I switched from emacs to vim 20+ years ago, and have never been tempted to go back. I don't use the git addons for vim though, since the command line is plenty good for me.

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Helder Burato Berto Author

Nice to know about that.

Just curious, what make you go back to VIM instead of using evil mode into Emacs?

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Eljay-Adobe • Edited

I didn't go back to vim. I was an emacs user for many years. A coworker of mine used vim, and we were discussing the relative merits of our favorite editors, and made a dare: he'd use emacs for several weeks, and I'd use vim for several weeks.

Several weeks later, he immediately went back to vim, and I never went back to emacs.
I found that vim is a zen-like experience where the editor disappears and gets out of my way and my mind and fingers become one with the keyboard. I never had that with emacs.

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Helder Burato Berto Author • Edited

Oh, I understand. I never used VIM before, I was a VSCode user and my coworker talk to me give a try to Doom Emacs + Evil mode and I never came back to VSCode.

It has some months I'm using and really enjoying.