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Discussion on: What Is The Best Linux Os (most stable os) For programming

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I've not used Arch. The distributions I have used are: Slackware, SuSE, Mandrake (before they were forced to change their name), Yellow Dog, and Red Hat. And Raspbian on my dozen-or-so Raspberry Pi computers. (My main Unix machine is a Macintosh, so uses Darwin which is derived from FreeBSD et al.)

From this 10 of the Most Popular Linux Distributions Compared article, it seems that Arch has the same mindset that Slackware had. (Or "has"...? Last Slackware drop was 2016-Jul-01, with version 14.2.)

I think I'd be happy with Arch, too. I just haven't used it.

Each of the Linux distributions in that article have slightly different target audiences. What a nuts-and-bolts Linux tinkerer wants (i.e., let me build everything, and have all the source), isn't what a computer novice wants (give me a turnkey solution with a nice graphical front-end, and a browser so I can get to Google).

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Thank You Very Much..!

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