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Vim is my text editor of choice. It is my workhorse text editor, I use it day-in and day-out. It is available on every platform I work on -- and I've worked on a lot of different platforms. According to StackOverflow polls, it is one of the more popular text editors by developers.

Whenever I hear anyone asking how to get started with Vim or vi, my first reaction is "It's too late for me, save yourself!" (It's a "ha-ha, only serious" comment.)

My fingers tacitly know Vim. It gets out of my way. I can become one with my keyboard; it is a zen experience.

I used emacs for 2 years before trying to use vi. It was on a bet, and I had to use vi for 6 months; the other developer had to use emacs for 6 months. After the 6 months was up, I never went back to emacs, and the other developer couldn't wait to get back to vi.

Bill Joy, the creator of vi, has expressed that vi was created at a time of 300 baud modems, and optimized for minimal bandwidth. And with todays modern machines, the reason for vi to exist has passed.

Yet, it remains quite popular.

The reward for the steep learning curve is a highly efficient, powerful, and elegant text editor. Beautiful in its simplicity. When I have to use an IDE (these days Visual Studio and Xcode), I feel hobbled until I can get back to Vim to do serious editing on the source code I work on.

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