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re: 1: I'm an Emacs guy. That's what I learned in 1983 and it's the only one I still kind of remember. However, day to day I'm in Webstorm or VS Code, ...

Since you use a Mac, have you worked with Swift?

I started programming in 1976, with the first program I worked on (as a contributor) was Oregon Trail on an HP minicomputer used by TIES. I used to use emacs, switched to vi many years ago ("it's too late for me; save yourself!"). I tend to use tabs, but I don't care; I care about consistency. I'm a Unix guy; and my machine at home is a Mac. I live in C++ day-in-and-day-out and I envy you for escaping from C++'s clutches.

I did a small amount of Objective-C a few years ago but never tried Swift.

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