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re: Making impossible things impossible in Rust VIEW POST

re: I have found my attempts at learning Elm have been really helpful in my ongoing attempt to learn Rust and programming in general. I don't know if t...

Other languages that have the same kind of goodness that Elm has: Haskell, F#, OCaml.

I've heard Reason also should be in that category, but I'm not familiar with that language.

F# is like "OCaml for .NET". It's a first-class language fully supported by Microsoft in the .NET space, including Mono and the formerly-known-as Xamarin.

A little further afield, but may also be of interest: Scala, Elixir, Clojure (especially if you like Lisp/Scheme).

I have not programmed much in Rust. It does appeal to my OCD.

I actually read through the elixir docs while bedridden a few months ago. Decided to dive back into rust instead of switching to another language.

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