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With such concise code, where do you hide all the bugs?

Everyone knows the big consulting money is in maintenance of the monstrous monolithic shibboleths. Loquacious, garrulous verbosity is the cornerstone of How To Write Unmaintainable Code.


Thanks for sharing. I like your first line. I feel the same. With a functional language, you either run it right (most of the time) or not. It's harder to run with bugs or copy paste solutions.


I'm a fan of F#, and really enjoyed the tutorial The Book of F# by Dave Fancher. Did all my learning using Mono and Xamarin, on a Mac.

Fancher's book was much better than the other F# books I've read. I've not read Don Syme's Expert F# 4.0 book yet — reviews seem split between good and bad.

Thanks a lot for the lead. I've been very interested in learning more about F#.

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