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re: I cannot speak about the specs but I keep hearing all around me of broken new gen mac books (ones with display instead of F keys).

I'm not a fan of the "touchbar" on the MacBook machines. To compensate, I attach a real keyboard to the machine and use that instead. (Unicomp PC Keyboard, with buckling spring mechanism, which what IBM used in their classic Model M keyboard.)

I also don't like their butterfly mechanism (2nd gen), but I dislike most laptop keyboards anyway. The Dell XPS 13 doesn't feel too bad, reminded me of the IBM Thinkpad, which had an acceptable mechanism.

The MacBook trackpads are the best in the business. Yet even though they're as good as it gets, I still find them to be abysmal. I have to have a mouse. Not an Apple mouse, but an actual usable mouse like from Microsoft or Logitech.


How good is Dell XPS trackpad compared to the Macbook's?

I don't think there is a comparison, the Mac trackpads feel like an integral part of the machine, and the XPS felt like any other high end PC laptop, but still bends with the case. The haptic feedback is just incomparable on the Mac.

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