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re: What's your day like after you leave at 3pm?

50 minute drive home during the just-before-rush-hour ramping up.

Once I'm home, I'm on daddy duty, since my wife works later hours to avoid rush hour and she does the early morning parenting. Feed the dogs. Give the dogs and cats some loves. Take the kids to their events.

I also do my fun programming, which for me I like to learn a new programming language every year. And answer questions on SO. And on Wed and Thu is raid night for World of Warcraft.

I don't watch TV. I got out of the habit when my first kid was a toddler, and it is very difficult to watch TV once you're out of the habit. Too passive. Unless the show or movie is really engaging, after 15 minutes I'm antsy and have to do something. As a for instance, I've just started 2nd season of Game of Thrones.

What I don't do is bring my work home with me.

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