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Discussion on: What is low code?

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Michiel Hendriks • Edited on

Here's the kicker: COBOL was a low-code solution.
No-code is basically bullshit term, as it will always be code. Using graphical symbols and what not is still code. Flowchart is still low-code, and not no-code. (Yes, Flowchart was meant to be executable.)

Using terms like low-code/no-code is just marketing hype and basically lies. Call them what they really are: Domain Specific Languages (DSL for shot). They come with significant limitations, but they make common things within a domain much easier to define.

DSLs are cool, and really powerful. We shouldn't hide this behind crappy marketing nonsense. Generic programming languages are there for software developers. DSLs are there for other software developers, which are sometimes calls website developers, business consultants, process developers, accountants, or just: people who are good with computers.