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re: Thanks for the insight. Regarding the more nebulous illities, I certainly agree that lacking a functional requirement makes them harder sells. For ...

I have a love-hate relation with metrics. They require a lot of work to use. You cannot simply enforce rules like a maximum fan-in or cyclomatic complexity. Breaking up something because it goes over a certain metric just slightly is just wasting effort.

A lot of thing within a (physical) library are about books. Almost everything refers to books, that does not make the design of 'book' bad, just a place which has a lot of impact if it needs changing.

Looking at metrics over time is where things are becoming more interesting.

Talking about Adam Tornhill, his book Your Code as a Crime Scene is on my to-read list.

Complexity is only a problem if we need to deal with it. If no one needs to read or modify a particular part of the code, does it really make a difference whether it’s complex?

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