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I've been a customer of Gandi for quite some years. They are a France based registrar which has been offering "no bullshit since 1999". They are not the cheapest, but included in a registration is whois privacy, and DNS. Gandi is a proper domain registrar, and not a reseller. I am quite happy with their service offering, and how they operate as a business. No shady or down right horrible shit going on there like with the likes of GoDaddy.
They also support a lot of FLOSS projects and similar projects, they give back to the community.

Amazon even depends on Gandi as primary registrar for their Route 53 service. Amazon Registrar is only a registrar for .com, .net, and .org. For the rest they resell via Gandi.


The reason I chose them was the included email service. Yes, they cost more if you just want a domain name. But if I were to get domain + email on namecheap then gandi is cheaper.

Also in general it's really nice to work with, no bullshit.

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