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you have a perspective I can't possibly have anymore

I call bullshit. I think I'm from the same "era" as you are. One of the reasons I frequent dev.to is to, kind of, get this perspective.

Most content is geared towards frontend-ers, especially web-frontend-ers (just to show my alleviated age). I have vested my background in tools and frameworks, especially backends.

I frequent the frontend newbie content, to kind-of keep up with what ever they introduce this time. Which is still quite a lot. But do I have bad habits? Not really.

I have some established habits, and I am learning new better habits. I started with

to align. I moved to when it was only a block element. I will move on to flex box when the time is there*.

The only bad habit is to stay stuck in time with your mindset. Note, You do not have to keep up with everything.

*) I work on enterprise software where you ESR/LTS releases of browsers are "fancy". Usability trumps looks by an enormous distance. If I was working in a more consumer focused marked I would be looking at different things.

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