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Discussion on: Has COVID-19 made you reconsider your life choices? Do something more meaningful as a software developer.

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Michiel Hendriks

Neither the covid19 nor the climate change issue has affected me at all in my views on my role as software developer. The uncontrollable greed and human suffering caused by shit software has done that already.
Software will not fix climate change, nor covid-19 or the next pandemic. People need to change. Software can only help in certain parts.
Software can help us in planning for a social distancing world. I work in the logistics sector. Way too often I hear about next day and same day delivery being important. It's not, reliable time window delivery is what is important. If I order something, and I know it will be there in 3 days between 14:00 and 15:00, then I'm good. No what if I can get the same planning in public transport. With a social distancing world we cannot pack trains a buses. But with software we could spread it out so that everybody could get some office hours per week. What if I miss my slot in public transport, and I will miss my delivery window? Software can help out in a micro replanning of the delivery.
But greed puts a lot of smart people on harvesting privacy, and maximizing profits, rather than making life easier.
Software can help, but only if people change. This change might require some 18th century French-revolution like actions towards the status quo. Although, not with the actual blood shed.

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Pablo Oliva Author

Thanks for sharing your thoughts. I completely agree with you about having to change our habits in order to make a real difference. That does not happen easily. I am simply trying to push those that are already close to taking action to actually making a move. I am straddling that line between practical and effective. If you go all in on effective, you get to be in a really lonely place. You look around disgusted with everyone, and you become very isolated. That, for me at least, is not very healthy. This whole universe is about balance, at all levels of life. Again, I am not disagreeing with you, but maybe I have just become more tolerant or less aggressive in my older years. I would like to think though that if the revolution does come, I would be much more inclined towards being effective rather than practical.