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Discussion on: Vim basics for beginners

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Elves Sousa Author

Well... I think that if I have options, I use the one I like most, right? I found VS Code quite slow in many occasions. For me, this is a big deal. VS Code is good enough, but I liked my experience with Vim and Neovim so far. I have both installed in my system, and don't think I have to stick with just one of them. For code completion, I use CoC (Conquer of Completion) and its plugins, which have been enough for my webdev needs. Many of them are forks of VS Code extensions.

About the "torture" you said, my Vim setup is quite minimalistic. I don't tinker with it too much. It is just one simple file with less than 130 lines. I didn't add a lot of key bindings, I just use Vim as it is. Torture for me is wasting time waiting for a bloated IDE to load and see it using a lot of my resources, with features I don't really care.

I can't argue against you about your C++ development experience in Vim, as it is not a language I worked with. You hated it, and I believe you: Vim is not for everyone. Certainly, Visual Studio does a better job with C++, and if you like it better, there is nothing wrong with that. I'm not here to call every other editor/IDE trash or to convince everyone to knee before the "almighty Vim". I'm not that kind of guy, hahah...