Software Programming: Job VS. Passion

Emalp on November 10, 2018

There are a lot of different types and kinds of programmers: the newbie, the oldie, the money follower, the passionate blah blah blah. And there'... [Read Full]
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It's an interesting point. I mean, I enjoy programming, it's one of my favorites activities, but sometimes the assignments from university aren't as enojoyable. But usually taking a break from the task helpls me to enjoy it more.

I will leave an anecdote of why I choose this field:
Since very little I've enjoy doing tasks in my computer, and wanted to learn to code but at the end it was procrastinated until I started my college degree. At the time I had to make the choice of the college degree I wanted to pursue, I felt conflicted about choosing these career path, since I live in a country in development process in which I never heard of any activities or job posts related to coding, which end up becoming a fear of not going to be able to make a living out of the career. If it wasn't because of my brother and sister who ended up pushing to pursue my "dream" I would have probably choosen another Engineering field and regret it


I agree, there are some times when I feel like "what am I doing with my life", usually when we do something as a company that makes me go O_O "WHHHYYY!?" I take pride in doing the best I can do and when someone does something that takes away my ability to perform well I get frustrated. This fades of course and you find ways around the problem or solve it entirely and things are good again. Then maybe you get a very interesting project or a challenging problem and time flies and you wonder why you were upset before.

I suspect most people encounter this in whatever job they do, software or otherwise.

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