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Discussion on: How To Stand Out As A Developer

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Emanuele Sabbadini

thank you Edwin, I really appreciate you post!
while reading I was thinking about my biggest "fear" in following your tips... and I must admit that writing my things and my experiences on Internet makes me shy and scared... I'm 10+ year experienced developer but a complete newbie at sharing posts on Internet... any advice where to start from? thanks!

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Edwin Klesman Author

There are a couple of tips I can think of:

  1. Just as the rubber duck technique helps you to solve bugs because you explain your problem as if you're talking to someone else, you can write a post as if you're talking to someone familiar. Think of one colleague friend or acquaintance that might resemble the people that you can tell something to.

  2. Talk about stuff that is in your familiarity zone. Your professional or personal comfort zone. Ie:You know webdev with Vue.js inside out? Talk about stuff that you think is good to know and will help others learn it faster. Or talk about things you're learning yourself. It is helpful for others and you lower the bar since you're learning yourself.

By talking about stuff you know you'll a) learn better communication about it b) help others c) get used to it

3) learn by doing it. Put small things out at first, then get inspired by doing that to write on other topics that are bigger.

4) haters going to hate, creators are going to create. Don't let useless negativity fear you. Learn from constructive criticism and enjoy positive feedback 🙌🏻

Good writing comes from practice and caring to share. The rest will follow.

Hope this helps?

Ps: we all have to start somewhere

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Emanuele Sabbadini

thank you Edwin, really helpful.

thanks for sharing!