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Top 5 Chatbot App Development Companies

We all know that chatbots are digitizing customer services in a way that offers users a more personalized conversation. That is why more businesses are opting for chatbot development to offer top-notch support to their clients and customers.

What about your business? Is your business keeping with this digital transformation?

If you want to keep up with these digital trends and offer a supreme level of customer service, then your business has to have a chatbot!

Once you have made your mind to build a chatbot, you might start looking for chatbot app development service providers to build the customized chatbots for your business.

So, your hunt for finding the right chatbot app development company ends here! Here’s the list of the top chatbot service providers that you can consider to build your chatbots.

Chatbot App Development Companies;

1. Bacancy Technology

Chatbot app developmrnt company

@ Founded: 2012
@ Pricing: $22/ hr
@ Employee strength: 300+
@ Location: India, USA, Canada, Australia, Sweden, and UAE

It is an award-winning Chatbot app development company with 8+ years of experience and more than 300 chatbot developers.

You can save up to 40% of development costs when you hire chatbot developers from Bacancy. The company offers enterprise Chatbot development services for the most popular social messengers like Facebook bot development, Microsoft bot development, Telegram bot development, Slack bot development, Amazon Alexa bot, IBM Watson, etc.

Chatbot development services;

  • Custom Chatbot Development
  • Chatbot Consulting
  • Voice-Enabled Chatbots
  • Integration With ERP Systems
  • Multilingual Chatbot Development
  • Natural Language Processing
  • Chatbot Testing
  • Analytics And Human Handover
  • Enhancement And Support

2. Infoxen Technologies

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@ Founded: 2006
@ Pricing: $100 — $149/hr
@ Employee strength: 50–249
@ Locations: India

The company has carved its place among the best chatbot service providers in India since its foundation. If you are planning to develop an intelligent chatbot entirely tailored to your business, then it’s a good place to hire chatbot developers.

Chatbot development services;

  • Facebook bot development
  • Slack bot development
  • WhatsApp bot development
  • Telegram bot development

3. PixelCrayons

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@ Fonded; 2004
@ Pricing:
@ Employee strength: 250–999
@ Locations: India, USA, UK

The company provides quality services to build a chatbot for streamlining your business interactions. Thye have a skilled team of developers having the expertise to develop bots with different frameworks like IBM Watson, Amazon Lex, etc.

Chatbot development services;

  • Conversation Design
  • Chatbot Architecture
  • Natural Language Processing
  • Processing Pipeline
  • Deployment & Integration
  • Chatbot Consultancy

4. Capital Numbers

chatbot app development saervices

@ Founded: 2012
@ Pricing: $25 — $49/hr
@ Employees strength: 250–500
@ Location: United States, India

Capital Numbers is one of the leading chatbot service providers with a strength of 400+ in-house developers. They provide development services to build chatbots for your organization. It caters to different industries such as hospitality, banking, marketing, e-commerce, hospitality, and travel.

Chatbot development services;

  • Conversational Chatbots
  • Transactional Chatbots
  • FAQ Chatbots
  • Social media Chatbots

5. Daffodil

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@ Founded: 1999
@ Pricing: $25 — $49/hr
@ Employees strength: 250–999
@ Location: India, UAE, USA

The company has gained its position among the leading chatbot development companies in the field because they offer a proprietary customer intelligence platform that provides user engagement and acquisition via mobile advertising.

Chatbot development services;

  • Chatbot Development
  • Chatbot Testing
  • Microsoft Bot Development
  • Facebook Bot Development
  • Voice-Enabled Chatbots


In this article, we have listed the top 5 chatbot app development companies. You can partner with any of the listed companies and hire chatbot developer to build the customized bots for your business. I hope this article will help you.

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