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Xfce was the one i got to play best with x-server when trying to make my WSL-launched apps look and act like native Windows apps. Also the one that worked best when I tried running a VirtualBox linux vm in desktop-integrated mode. Probably something to do with how square and shadowless their themes are: Other Desktop Environment themes all had this huge window shadow margin that follows the Linux-rendered UI into Windows' viewport and I found no way to completely turn it off. Some environments couldn't run with VirtualBox's integrated-desktop mode at all. And panel-based window manager DE's was useless when what I wanted was to make linux GUI apps run seamless with Windows desktops. So kfce won that one, twice (virtualbox and WSL).

Unfortunately I have a habit of, when I finally get my Linux setup perfectly, to eventually break the desktop environment and giving up on fixing it again.


haha I would use a backup tool like timeshift though. Maybe you should too!


Oh I do it every time. Launch WSL > launch XFCE4 Panel. The rest of the Linux stuff is managed by launching apps from panel. I like XFCE Terminal because it has clickable links and text do not break on resizing the window.


Re: the big shadow is part of the composite manager. I'm not sure what's the XFCE default, I use picom (a.k.a Compton) which is highly customizable. You can remove the shadow and effects specific by window or window class.


TIL. Thanks, I gotta take a look at this the next time I try Linux again.

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