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Hactoberfest quick win!

endymion1818 profile image Ben Read ・1 min read

A little while ago I decided to collect developers' blog URLs, partly to meet some more people in the developer community, and partly to encourage people to write blogs on their own domains (doesn't mean you can't cross-post to!) ...

So with the advent of Hacktoberfest, I'd like to announce that as a quick win if you have a self-hosted blog and submit a PR to this repo:

I'll merge it as soon as I can!

Send me your blogs!


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michaeltharrington profile image
Michael Tharrington (he/him)

I think this sounds like a great idea!

Sure it's low-hanging fruit as far making a contribution goes, but I think that's totally fine! It sounds like you're building a helpful resource and if this is someone's first contribution ever, it would be a great way to teach them how to make a PR.

Thanks for sharing!

kaeptnkrunch profile image
Stephan B. R. Langenau

Sure this seems like a good project but thats kind of Fake. Sure you can make a Pull Request to this, but this has nothing to do with Open Source, Nothing! If you want collect Blogs thats fine, but maybe there is a better way to do this than GitHub.


dailydevtips1 profile image
Chris Bongers

It's a bit harsh to report him for this.
And it's an honest way of having a GitHub repo for lists.

At least now it's a fair overview where the community can put in blogs, instead of having 1 person curate it.

Agreed it might not be the best contribution for "hacktoberfest" but that doesn't mean this is a false or fake repo...

endymion1818 profile image
Ben Read Author

Dude, your comment was helpful, maybe I did get it wrong on this occasion.

Reporting was a douchebag move, I'm backing off from because it felt like I was condemned before I could process what you said.

endymion1818 profile image