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Discussion on: "Waiting times" at work.

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Wesley Ameling

I didn't know that could happen to be quite honest with you, there is always something to do at the companies I've worked at up until now..

But I would probably clean up some technical debt, which isn't always the most fun thing to do, but rewarding in the end. And sometimes you will thank yourself later that way :)

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Natalia Author

Yea, it's more like when you come to a new company and you are waiting for the project. When you are between projects - that's an easier thing to manage. I'm trying to read something up for the next project but you know how it is - something will always distract you. Yet you are right - cleaning up some technical debt from old (even private projects) is a good idea! 👍

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Idan Arye

When you come to a new company, your first duty is to learn. So if you have available time until someone gives you a task, try reading the docs of the project you'll need to work on, or playing with the product to learn what it does and how you use it.