Discussion on: The 4-letter-word word that makes my blood boil

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So I am not the only one that gets at least 2 times a day annoyed for this abuse of the English words "just", "simply" and "easy". It has cost me lots of hours, days sometimes, that although it was mentioned to be easy, the explanation was so limited that I have thrown much good stuff overboard because of this.

The hardest thing is to assume that things are not easy and that nevertheless one is able to explain clearly how to make it to look easy.

Currently I am learning ReactJS and man, so many packages (NPM) have such a lack of clear documentation and so much "easy" assumptions. Then I think, the developer has so much effort in building something where he believes in and in the end the documentation is so poor that people hesitate to use it. So much time and good effort wasted.

In the old days I worked on IBM AS/400 and there were a ton of manuals, where you always thought that IBM didn't explain enough to make it simple. But at least they took the trouble to do it.

Web world developments is the worst place to be when you want to find clarity and....standards. Everyone is doing it again in its own way...that easy.

Great article, your words, my thoughts.