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Discussion on: React Quick Tip: Use Class Properties and Arrow Functions to Avoid Binding `this` to Methods

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Enrique Moreno Tent

Well, I am not sure if such a thing can be called a "performance hit" since we are talking basically of 1 line of code, and there are plenty of those that run every time the render starts. The complexity of the operation is not even exponential but linear. I don't think that there is any performance concern to worry about in this case.

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Arnau Sanchez • Edited on

Enrique, I am afraid there really is a performance hit. Not because you are creating an arrow function on the fly - as you say, that's mostly irrelevant-, but because a new function will be passed as a prop and the component will re-render (needlessly).

If this happens with a button, that's not a problem, but more complex components will noticeably slow down your apps. This is a known caveat, you'll find many references in the web (for example: