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ente Auth

Free and Open source E2EE Authenticator app by the makers of ente Photos

ente Photos was born out of our own needs, as casual photographers who like to cherish memories.

Over the last year, while developing our infrastructure, we had a hard time finding a place to preserve our two-factor secrets.

Given that ente already had a platform for reliably storing and syncing data, encrypted end-to-end, we decided to leverage that to cure this itch.


ente Auth

Screenshots of the Authenticator app

ente Auth is an open-source authenticator app that will let you backup and view your 2FA secrets. You can find more information about the project here:

In an attempt to give back to the community who have helped us build all that we have, this service will be offered free of cost.

If in the future we convert this to a paid service, existing users will be grandfathered in. So please sign up @

Now back to building the best photos app :)

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