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Discussion on: Flutter multiple screen previews in 5mins

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Among the disadvantages of Flutter, I can add: Relatively small proven expertise. This is due to the youth of the frame. And Large file size: A basic app built by Flutter is now 4.7MB on Android and 10.9MB iOS. That’s a bit much compared to basic Java (539KB) and Kotlin (550KB) apps. Still, other cross-platform frameworks have the same weak spot: a bare minimum app written in Xamarin takes ~ 16MB, and React Native takes 7MB. You can read a full breakdown of this framework here:

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Erickeyz Author • Edited

Hello Entony
One can't argue that fact that flutter apps actually are bulky in size compared to other dev starks. Given the advancement in tech, miniaturation, performance and storage, this is a big deal too.

Thanks for your comments and attachment. I find it interesting